Put over a million palettes in your pocket, and turn your iPhone/iPod Touch into an endless source of ideas and inspiration from the 750,000-member COLOURlovers creative design community.

Browse and search over 1 million palettes created and shared by COLOURlovers members.

Get social! Interact with the COLOURlovers community: Comment, Love and Fave palettes, or get feedback on your own creations.

Use fun color tools to create your own palettes whenever inspiration strikes, and share them with the COLOURlovers community:

  • Create palettes from photos, using your camera or photo library as inspiration.
  • Visualize color harmonies and relationships on the built-in pocket color wheel.
  • Tap the color wheel and watch it spin like a real-life artist color wheel.
  • Use the LiveSchemes tool to rotate color palettes while maintaining their harmony relationships.

Automatically sync your palettes with your free COLOURlovers account, so you’ll have them wherever you go.

  • Email palettes to a friend or co-worker, or save them to your camera roll.
  • Grab RGB and hex values for each color.