SketchBook Ink

Autodesk SketchBook Ink is an intuitive pen & ink drawing app. Built on a new resolution independent engine, SketchBook Ink lets you create beautiful line work and export high resolution images directly from your iPad.


  • Introductory Tour Guide to help get you started
  • Full Screen work space with support for any device orientation
  • Retina Display on 3rd Gen iPad

Multi-Touch Interface:

  • Two finger pan & zoom navigation

Preset Ink-styles

  • 7 different presets each with different line weight and behaviors
  • 2 eraser types


  • Color Editor & Color Picker
  • Tap-hold customizable Color palette

Import options

  • Import a background image from the Photo Library as a reference

Export options

  • Save up to 12.6 MP PNG images to Photo Library or e-mail.
  • Save up to 101.5 MP PNG images to iTunes File Sharing or Dropbox
  • Option to export as transparent PNG


  • Store work-in-progress

Stay Current

  • Link to SketchBook News Blog