We at GelaSkins are proud purveyors of artist-designed, removable covers for iPhone, iPad, iPod and many more devices. We created this app so you can easily download amazing wallpapers directly to your iOS device. Browse our artist gallery or take a look through our amazing artwork collections. If you like the wallpapers, check out the…



Pinterest – это виртуальная доска для изображений, рисунков и фотографий. Она позволяет вам организовать все самое красивое и интересное, что вас окружает, и делиться этим с другими. Люди используют такие доски для планирования свадеб, оформления своих домов и коллекционирования любимых кулинарных рецептов. Самое интересное – это то, что вы можете просматривать доски, созданные другими людьми….



Daily Art Wallpapers and Backgrounds Society6 artists hailing from Brooklyn to Barcelona bring you an endless supply of Grade-A quality Artist Wallpapers and Backgrounds to meet your recommended daily dosage of retina candy — all for FREE. Features for all users: Simple to use, easy to understand 100 wallpapers served fresh each day Easily save…



Instantly create beautiful etched illustrations from any photo! Experiment with twelve stunning styles you can tweak to fit your image perfectly — it’s easy and fun to turn your photo into a unique work of art. «…Etchings outclasses them all with its ultra detailed, multi-lined sketches.» — Juli Clover for App Advice»The results are amazing…….


Sketchbook Pro

Find out for yourself what has made SketchBook Pro the industry standard for digital sketching! Autodesk SketchBook® Pro for iPad is a professional-grade paint and drawing application. Using the same paint engine as its desktop counterpart, SketchBook Pro delivers a complete set of sketching & painting tools through a streamlined and intuitive user interface designed…