PhotoPad is an easy to use, premium photo editing app. Originally designed for the iPad, PhotoPad now works on the iPad, iPod touch, and the iPhone. PhotoPad is brought to you by ZAGG, makers of the popular invisibleSHIELD and ZAGGskins. You can now order your ZAGGskins directly from PhotoPad. PhotoPad capabilities include: Image Rotation Image Resizing…



Don’t miss one of the most talked about and popular photo apps, with over 2 million combinations to make your photos will look spectacular! It’s so easy that anybody can create stunning shots.


Sketchbook Pro

Find out for yourself what has made SketchBook Pro the industry standard for digital sketching! Autodesk SketchBook® Pro for iPad is a professional-grade paint and drawing application. Using the same paint engine as its desktop counterpart, SketchBook Pro delivers a complete set of sketching & painting tools through a streamlined and intuitive user interface designed…



Evernote — это простое в использовании бесплатное приложение, помогающее хранить информацию, которую необходимо запомнить, на всех используемых устройствах. Наводите порядок в делах, сохраняйте свои идеи и работайте продуктивнее. Evernote позволяет делать быстрые заметки, сохранять фотографии, создавать списки задач, записывать голосовые напоминания, причем все это — с возможностью поиска нужной информации, где бы вы ни находились:…



This is a user-friendly application to create stylish posters and various invitation cards. With stylish templates which are already within the application, you will be able to create posters without great effort.
When you get the job done of first step making posters, you can utilize various effects and decorates to complete the chic posters your…


Photoshop Touch

Transform your images with core Adobe Photoshop features in an app designed for tablets. Combine images, apply professional effects, share results with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter – all from the convenience of your iPad. Use popular Photoshop features designed for the tablet such as layers, selection tools, adjustments, and filters to create…


Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas is your digital sketchbook, letting you capture and explore ideas in vector format anywhere you go. With a Creative Cloud membership, easily sync Adobe Ideas projects to Creative Cloud and open them for refinement in Illustrator. Sketch using intuitive touchscreen tools, pick up, compare, and apply colors using the Eyedropper tool, and save…